Oliver Plunkett St. : Diversity, History, Experience, Service

Jill : shopfrontAs you will all know by now, Household Linens have been open on Oliver Plunkett St. for 25 years since the May weekend. That certainly makes some of us feel just that little bit old(er) but we’re still a long way from being the oldest business on the street… Of course, we are trading in one of the oldest surviving buildings which was originally a brass foundry in the early 1800’s. We share that history with other local buildings – did you know that the G.P.O. was the site of the original Cork Opera House ?

Thankfully, gun cartridges are no longer for sale at this address !


ILN November 23, 1867
The original Cork Opera House on the site of the present G.P.O.






So much has obviously changed but the basic fabric of the street has stayed constant. The other constant is the unique nature of the ‘Merchants’ trading on Oliver Plunkett St. and surrounds…             Over 250 businesses are currently plying their trade in and around this area and (nearly) all retain the Cork tradition of being indigenous, family owned and run. In a world that is becoming increasingly dominated by multi-national conglomerates, it is this feature that gives Cork (and Oliver Plunkett St. in particular) it’s unique ‘flavour’ and ‘character’. QUEEN IRL ENGLISH MARKET9What’s all this leading in to..? Well, the retail trade has suffered more than most in recent years as people, hit by the effects of the recession, have cut back on spending. A group of people have come together, led by Clodagh Daly & Valerie Finnegan-Cahill (of John Daly Opticians & Ikon Hair Style) and they have launched a new initiative aimed at revitalising this historic quarter to make it the ‘must see’ / ‘go to’ destination for shoppers. Think, if you will, of other famous streetscapes such as Chinatown or Bourbon Street or the colour of Las Ramblas…

The energy of Chinatown
The excitement of Bourbon Street
The colour of Las Ramblas


With the imminent arrival of “One Albert Quay” at the eastern end of Oliver Plunkett St. (the new office block scheduled to open in Feb. 2016 is expected to employ 1,600 people) and the “Brewery Quarter” in the old Beamish & Crawford site at the western end, Oliver Plunkett St. is ideally placed to be the main fulcrum for these projects and the potential spin-off can only be imagined. That’s the vision – it’s now down to the retailers themselves who, with the backing of the City Council, can make the “Plunkett Quarter” the envy of every other retailer in the country !

The Plunkett Quarter initiative can be contacted at                              oliverplunkettbrainstorm@gmail.com.


Extra, Extra, News Update this December!

*SALE NOW ON, as of December 16th, do drop in for brilliant bargains! *

Hopefully you are all enjoying the run-up to Christmas, even if it has meant battling snow and ice to do your Christmas shopping! With only two shopping weekends left, we’ve decided to have two Sunday openings, (this Sunday Dec. 12th and Sunday next Dec. 19th) from 2pm to 5pm.

The news is out! New announcements from Household Linens.

If you do drop by, don’t forget to check out our new stock which includes four new Sheridan duvet cover sets: Damask Taupe, Vigour Multi-stripe, Elke Pomegranate and Luca Sahara. Check out our Image Gallery to see photos of these.

We have a good deal going on our cuddlewraps, always popular this time of year and a great gift idea. Buy one Biederlack cuddlewrap (priced €45) and receive a child’s T.V. Blanket for free. Choose from Fireman Sam, Sesame Street or a colourful stripy blanket.

For those who got a kick out of the humourous Annie Tempest teatowels we had in stock, you’ll be glad to know we got a new design in just this week. Another fun stocking-filler.

Finally, you could always consider a Household Linens Gift Voucher when purchasing gifts this Christmas, or at any time of the year; €10, €20 and €50 vouchers are available.

Keep an eye on the blog for more news on new stock and our upcoming Winter sale…in the meantime, everyone at Household Linens would like to wish you all a Happy and Peaceful Christmas.

November News

We’ve been busy all this week decorating the shop for Christmas. so make sure to drop by and see our window display, complete with roaring fire and traditional Christmas tree! Come December, you’ll be sure to hear a few Christmas tunes also while you browse.

Christmas has arrived!

There’s plenty new stock for you to take a look at this month, including Christmas tablecloths, runners and apron/tea towel sets for children. We have a new range of tea cosies, oven gloves and aprons, in cat, dog and garden designs. The ever popular tapestry style cushions have returned for Christmas this year with some new designs that include penguins, Yorkies dogs and horses. There are also other cushions to choose from in bright contrasting colours.

Over to duvet covers, and keeping to the Christmas theme, we have lovely reds and plums in the new Sanderson and Bedeck designs. Check out our Image Gallery soon for pics of Delamere and Passion Flower. Also available is Sanderson’s Orchard Blossom in China Blue and Raspberry. For something a little different, look no further than Malabar, an Indian inspired design with elephants, temples and all things Oriental. Contrast it with Bayswater, a smart striped design in similar shades of plum and blue. Dandelion Clocks by Sanderson is now available in damson also. Medina by V&A features black embroidery on a cream background, a classic design.

New ready-made curtains are in stock in an array of colours that include damson, cream, gold and green with pretty floral patterns.

Finally, don’t forget to avail of the voucher on this here blog, for  great bargains on duvets and pillows.

October Musings

What we have been talking about (besides Michael Buble).
Culture Night 2010:
Like most people who ventured out last Friday night we were Very impressed with what was on offer. We were dashing around the city to get everything
Autumn/winter evenings mean more opportunities for stargazing
in and managed to see most of the events. The highlights for us was looking at the night sky through the powerful telescopes at The Blackrock observatory, making little tea pots in the Crawford Art College and soaking up the atmosphere at the Camden Palace Hotel. We hope this will become a two night event in the future as there was still so much we didn’t get to see.

New Ventures:
Gemma has been studying the art of Feng Shui. She plans to re-arrange her house and let the chi flow.
Laura has started to learn to read music and sing and while its very interesting it s also very challenging (especially for her teacher).
Rose is back from maternity leave after having a beautiful baby boy Ryan.

Upcoming events:
Halloween decorations and costumes are all over the shops and we are getting very excited as we are all big fans. We are planning our window and it is going to be extra spooky this year, and watch out for scary surprises around the shop. If Gemma had the chance, she would probably be dressed up as well, but not wanting to frighten customers away, she’ll have to settle for her spider earrings.
Before Halloween arrives, however, there’s the Jazz Weekend (October 24th-26th). Events that have captured our interest are the One O’ Clock Lab Band at the Cork School of Music and Steve Winwood at the Everyman Palace. Both Gemma and Laura are hoping to attend. It’s also a bonus to experience a concert at the School of Music where the acoustics are world-class.

This months musings -August….

For any one who lives in Cork you may already know that this weekend is the “Decades” weekend. Pubs and clubs around the city theme the weekend to incorporate different decades from the 20s all the way up to the 90s (is the 90s retro?) Last year was the first year and while some pubs really went for it (Sober Lane) it was a non event in others. This year we reckon it will be much better. Believe us if you really embrace the fancy dress part you are sure to have a laugh.

The highlight of the month so far for us was the production of ‘Sweeney Todd’ at the Everyman Palace Theatre here in Cork by the Cork Operatic Society. The audience was transported back to the squalor of Victorian London, thanks to some amazing lighting and set design. As you entered the theatre some of the cast were already on stage, in character, pulling their hair, pacing the stage, wailing and moaning; thereby setting the scene for the horrors to come. The lead actors gave fine performances that would rival most West End productions, all the more admirable considering their shoestring budget. Every cast member is to be commended. Some cast members were on stage for the entire show and each one stayed in character throughout. The 30-piece orchestra were outstanding. Audience members left on a high, humming tunes all the way back to their cars.

While speaking of ye olde England, on a much gentler note, we were also discussing BBC adaptations of period dramas, in particular Cranford. Even the most stony-hearted people will soften at the tales of the Cranford ladies who stand united through thick and thin. Dame Judi Dench leads the cast as the loveable

Twitching Curtains: The Cranford Ladies.

Miss Matty Jenkins. With stories of love, humour, death and friendship it has something for most people.

July News…

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability"-Sam Keen

I can hardly believe its July already. Where did June go? The year is flying. We have been really busy here so we haven’t posted anything recently but with July now upon us, it’s definitely time for a few new blog posts…

Our sale is in full swing now but don’t worry because you still have some time to shop for new bedding. There are plenty great offers and bright new designs such as Tabitha, Gardenia, Lillian and Seychelles. Click on the links to see these designs.

There is 20% off all our plain dyed sheets and pillowcases, aswell as 30% off the Helena Springfield range of Egyptian cotton sheets.

If you’re finding the summer nights too warm, hurry on and get a 4.5 tog duvet while there are still some left. Light and cosy all at the same time.

Don’t forget our wide range of towels which have approximately 20% off. The Decadence selection, which includes guest towels and extra-large bath sheets, is especially good value right now.

And if it’s curtains you’re after, there is 10% off both readymade and made-to-order curtains from the likes of Whiteheads, Curtain Express, and Gina G.

Looking to buy a pillow? You could consider our Anti-Allergy Memory Foam pillow which is a fantastic bargain at only €20. Or our twin-pack Clusterfill Pillows at €23 per pack.

Thinking ahead to autumn, we had a sneaky preview of a few bits to come, and we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. We’ll keep you posted…..

More Musings…

This past June, (and for part of July!), we have been more health conscious and therefore trying different foods to vary our diets. Laura and Gemma tested out some sushi from a sushi bar on Marlboro Street. and the consensus is: Yummy! Gemma, who usually shies away from avocadoes, unless they’re in guacamole, decided to try one on it’s own, they being the superfood of the moment. The result was NOT successful. Now they’re on her blacklist along with olives. Laura’s trying to stomach the Udo’s Choice omega oils..we’ll let ye know the verdict in six weeks..

Over to the big screen, and despite not being a Russell Crowe fan, Laura recently went

Michael (hotness!) Bublé

to see Robin Hood and now has to admit that she did swoon at a particular scene. None of us here are teenagers, or anywhere near it, but we have to confess that we (Laura and Gemma!) can’t wait for Eclipse.

Gemma bought the Glee soundtrack, and she isn’t embarassed about it one bit. In fact, she’s been humming Somebody to Love around the shop, for about a week now.

New on our list of current obsessions, is the one and only Michael Bublé,  yum, yum. His ‘Crazy Love’ album has been getting a good airing round these parts.