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Depths of Sheets:

Almost anyone who has bought a new bed or mattress in the past few years has encountered the problem of ill-fitting sheets, when they discover that their new mattress is far thicker than the previous one. Rather than buying the next size up, you can simply buy sheets with more depth. Measure the depth of your mattress, and check for a sheet with enough depth to cover it. We stock sheets which range from 10″ in depth all the way up to 15″, and we can even order in 18″ deep sheets, if needs be. No more popping sheets!


A valance is material which covers the base of a bed. There are two types that we sell: base valances and fitted valance sheets.

A base valance sits UNDER the mattress, on the base of the bed, and a fitted valance sheet goes OVER the mattress and acts as a sheet also. They both have their benefits. A base valance can be left in place for a considerable amount of time. A fitted valance sheet needs to be changed as frequently as a sheet but is probably easier to change.


European/ Continental- these are for square pillows which measure  26″x26″ (or 65 cm. square).

Standard pillowcases (sometimes called ‘housewife’ – we don’t name them we just pass on the info): this is a regular pillowcase 29″x19″

Oxford- this pillowcase can be any size but always has an extra flat ‘hem’ around the edges.

Pillow sham: this is a pillowcase that is quilted and usually has a matching bed spread or comforter.

Comparative sizes:

Size doesn’t matter.

Single   3ftx 6 ft 3″ ( 90×190 cm) = American twin

Double 4 ft 6x 6 ft 3″ ( 135×190 cm) = American full

King  5 ft x 6 ft 6″ (150×200 cm) = American queen

Super king 6 ft x6 ft 6″ (183×200 cm)  = American king

Mattress Protectors and Mattress Toppers:

Mattress toppers are an absolute luxury.  Thicker and firmer than a duvet, these are placed under your fitted sheet. Presently, we sell two types of topper; Duck Feather and Down (to order) and ‘Perfect Comfort’ which is made from a cluster fibre.

Mattress protectors, however, are designed to protect your mattress and you. We stock several different types, including waterproof protectors, and padded protectors in either poly-cotton or full cotton.


There are many types of pillows on the market all with different benefits and features.

Here are a few of the types we sell and why:

Feather and down: Lots of people like the feel of feather. You literally sink into them. They may have a longer life than synthetic pillows as they can be fluffed up with ease.

Non- Feather: The non- feather pillows we sell are of the highest quality and are excellent for every one especially anybody with an allergy. They can vary in support going from firm to soft. Remember just because you have a bad back or a painful neck does not mean you need a very firm pillow.

Latex: Latex pillows do not lose their shape and mould in to the crevices of your neck. They are also good if you have allergies.

V- shaped: These pillows are excellent if you like reading in bed or if you need to be sitting in bed for a longer period of time. We also sell the pillowcases for these.

Bolster: This lies across the bed as if it were two pillows stuck together. We sell bolsters for double, king and super-king beds, and we also stock the pillowcases for all sizes.

Choosing a pillow can be a case of trial and error at times, but come chat to us and we’ll surely find you one that suits!

Off to sleep.

8 thoughts on “Hints and Tips”

  1. Hi, I have a super king size bed that is causing me back problems. I don’t want to replace the bed as I am renting. Would a mattress topper make a difference?

    1. Hi Lorna, if it’s a case where your mattress is too hard and therefore uncomfortable, then a mattress topper would certainly help. We stock a Clusterfull mattress topper from the Fine Bedding Company which has a polyester filling, and that has been a popular seller. It’s almost like having a very thick duvet beneath you. We also sell a duck feather and down topper which is equally comfy and easy to sink down into. Choosing between a feather or non-feather filling is often down to personal preferances depending on whether or not you have allergies or if you even like the feel of a feather filling. Finally, we stock a foam topper which is slimmer but which will mould to the shape of your body and provide some extra support. If it’s general comfort that you need, however, the polyester or feather filled toppers may be worth considering. Hope this helps. do call in any day if you wish to compare the products or just have a browse, thanks!

  2. Can I get a costing on a 6ft base valance dark colour and a 6 ft brown or grey mattress valance sheet please for local pickup bed is 250×220

    1. Hi Hugh, thanks for your query. We do sell 6 foot (superking) base valances but they would fit a standard superking base which is 183cm x 200 cm. Some dark colours are available. Unfortunately, we do not have 6 foot wide fitted valance sheets in brown or grey.

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