40 years in business

selling duvets, pillows, sheets & much more!

And it is genuinely all thanks to you, our loyal customers & friends who have supported us since we opened in Princes St. way back in 1977!

How things have changed since those days… Technology is the obvious huge change we’ve seen. There was no World Wide Web, no Facebook or Twitter and certainly no blogging! Mostly, we used Cork Local Radio or the Cork Examiner & the Evening Echo. Duvets & pillows were mainly made from natural down & feathers and the early polyester fibre duvets, looking back, were really awful creations – not much more than wads of polyester fibre chopped off to fit in to a casing.

An ad from the “Cork Examiner” in 1982 when we were only five years old !


New technology has not just confined itself to communication however… The advent of new microfibres, some developed by NASA, has meant warmer, lighter, softer duvets & pillows. The new “Smartfil” fibre from ‘The Fine Bedding Co.’ is unique in that all sizes may be washed at home in a standard domestic washing machine at 60deg. – the temperature that kills dust mites and other infectious materials.

Quality lasts forever…

e0e17fe1d6b9ab6b1368aa3213fcfa8c.jpgOf course, sheets & duvet covers haven’t changed quite as much but one thing that is constant is quality… Many of you will have heard your mother (and even your grandmother!) extol the virtue of a good set of Egyptian cotton sheets – how else will you get a good night’s sleep? Probably the most well known name on the market is the famous “Dorma” brand and Household Linens are proud to be stockists of “Dorma” since we opened in 1977.

Their 300 thread count cotton sateen sheets are simply superb and their duvet covers still remain treasured and passed on from one generation to the next. Perhaps the most famous design was their “Country Diary” collection which ran for over twenty years !

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 16.25.09.png

Over the next few months, we hope to bring you up to date with all that is new for bedrooms, while always staying true to our motto “when all you want is a good night’s sleep” – come to Household Linens !



New pillows!

The Ultrafirm pillow-it's just like it says on the tin!
The Ultrafirm pillow-it’s just like it says on the tin!

This morning saw a delivery of new pillows arrive at the shop. The ‘Ultrafirm’ pillow from the Fine Bedding Company is, as you may guess, a firmer pillow than most other polyester pillows and is filled with good quality clusterfibres, similar to the popular ‘Luna’ pillow which we stocked last year. An ideal pillow for those who like good support, or for the readers propping themselves up in bed, the Ultrafirm pillow is now retailing at only €20 (normally €30), plus don’t forget that there is still an extra 10% off EVERYTHING in store. Happy shopping!

Why have cotton when you can have silk this Valentines?…

Happy Valentines from Household Linens!
Happy Valentines from Household Linens!

Our latest addition to our range of pillows this week is the luxurious Mulberry Silk pillow from the Fine Bedding Company. Mulberry Silk is a lovely alternative to feathers for those people looking for a natural filling. With an original retail price of €85, it is now €49.50. With Valentines Day this Friday, this taste of luxury may just better chocolates and flowers. Don’t forget that there are lots more gift ideas in store and with 10% off everything this week, you can’t go wrong. See you soon!

April brings all things nice!

The shop window is looking very bright and pretty at the moment, with designs such as Forget Me Not from V&A and Ava by Janet Reger adorning the beds. What’s even better is that these designs are in a clearance line allowing us to sell them at bargain prices. They’re going fast! We also have bedspreads from the Kirstie Allsopp range and good deals on other V&A favourites such as Seaside Air, a chic take  on the nautical theme, and Ikat, a gingham design in beige that would suit both guys and gals.

To add to all this, we also have two new Dorma designs, again at a reduced price. These are Iris and Rivello. Check out the image gallery for pics of both.

Our mid-season offers also include a 10% discount on all quilts and pillows. So it’s a perfect time to stock up amid the Spring cleaning.

Do pop by and see what bargains catch your eye.

Spring Fever!

We’re so glad it’s February. Spring is in the air, and every other day new stock arrives at our doorstep. So far we’ve enjoyed unpacking new bedlinen from VandA, Sanderson and Vantona, and these are on display in our image gallery.

Although our winter sale officially ended over a week ago, there are still stock clearance items at great prices. Our ever-popular Clusterfull pillow pairs remain at €25, and our anti-allergy 10.5 tog duvets are still half-price too.

You'll love our half-price 10.5tog quilts this much too.
You’ll love our half-price 10.5tog quilts this much too.

Just this week we had a large delivery of baby blankets and kid’s throws in wonderful Disney themes (think Mickey, Minnie and Cinderella), cute animal designs, and even moped inspired motifs. Certainly worth checking out.

We’ll keep ye posted as more stock rolls in-and don’t forget to drop by for a browse!

It’s the end of the year!

Enjoy your bank holiday and any jazz you may encounter this weekend.

Well, at least it is for us! If you pass by and happen to see us with a slightly dazed expression, it’s because we’ve been busy counting all those tea towels; 1,267, 1,268, 1,200 and – no start again 😦 Annual stocktaking is just one of the reasons we’re so full of the ‘joie de vivre’ at the moment 🙂

The really good news though, is that there really is some great value as we make way for all the new Autumn stock arriving in November. Have a look at the “Vantona’ Egyptian cotton sheets or the “Essentials” range of duvet covers by ‘Bedeck’ – all at half-price or less.

As a special offer for the Jazz Weekend, we are giving 10% off all duvets & pillows from “The Fine Bedding Co.” as well as 10% off the range of novelty duvet covers from “Just Kidding”, the new brand from Australia which is exclusive in Cork to Household Linens.

Rain, rain go away…

‘Liliana’ by Sheridan

In our last post, we wondered at how quickly June had come along; now we can still hardly believe it’s June when we hear and see the rain pounding the pavements outside. Nevertheless, we have two new Sheridan designs gauranteed to brighten your day. Liliana (pictured) is a pretty floral with rich pinks and greens on a white background, while Milner is a more traditional Sheridan design with soft golds and whites. As always, you can browse these and all our designs in the Image Gallery.

As of today, we have 18″ deep fitted sheets in stock. There has been a demand for these in recent times, as new beds tend to have very deep mattresses, particularly those made from memory foam. Standard fitted sheets do not always fit these beds so well, and end up looking untidy. It’s a good idea to measure the height of your mattress so that you can check the depth of fitted sheets when making a purchase. Different brands can have different depths so don’t forget to check before buying.

There’s another great bargain in the pillow section of the shop this month. Pairs of quilted hollowfibre pillows are selling at only €20. Great value for such comfy pillows. Come in and test them out!

Finally, we’ll keep our summer hopes alive (it is only June after all!), and tell ye about our new range of filled cushions and seat-pads in nautical themes. The little beach house cushion is a must for holiday homes or seaside caravans. Bring on the sun!!