40 years in business

selling duvets, pillows, sheets & much more!

And it is genuinely all thanks to you, our loyal customers & friends who have supported us since we opened in Princes St. way back in 1977!

How things have changed since those days… Technology is the obvious huge change we’ve seen. There was no World Wide Web, no Facebook or Twitter and certainly no blogging! Mostly, we used Cork Local Radio or the Cork Examiner & the Evening Echo. Duvets & pillows were mainly made from natural down & feathers and the early polyester fibre duvets, looking back, were really awful creations – not much more than wads of polyester fibre chopped off to fit in to a casing.

An ad from the “Cork Examiner” in 1982 when we were only five years old !


New technology has not just confined itself to communication however… The advent of new microfibres, some developed by NASA, has meant warmer, lighter, softer duvets & pillows. The new “Smartfil” fibre from ‘The Fine Bedding Co.’ is unique in that all sizes may be washed at home in a standard domestic washing machine at 60deg. – the temperature that kills dust mites and other infectious materials.

Quality lasts forever…

e0e17fe1d6b9ab6b1368aa3213fcfa8c.jpgOf course, sheets & duvet covers haven’t changed quite as much but one thing that is constant is quality… Many of you will have heard your mother (and even your grandmother!) extol the virtue of a good set of Egyptian cotton sheets – how else will you get a good night’s sleep? Probably the most well known name on the market is the famous “Dorma” brand and Household Linens are proud to be stockists of “Dorma” since we opened in 1977.

Their 300 thread count cotton sateen sheets are simply superb and their duvet covers still remain treasured and passed on from one generation to the next. Perhaps the most famous design was their “Country Diary” collection which ran for over twenty years !

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 16.25.09.png

Over the next few months, we hope to bring you up to date with all that is new for bedrooms, while always staying true to our motto “when all you want is a good night’s sleep” – come to Household Linens !



Getting up-to-date

We’ve been so busy the last few weeks that we hadn’t time to bring you images of all the new designs we received in the Autumn and the run up to Christmas… We’re still not 100% up-to-speed but – we’re getting there ! Have a look at the image gallery to see some of the almost 100 designs we have instore and (when it’s stopped raining) call in to pick up a bargain in our Winter Sale !

The “Spundown” duvet is also available as a mattress protector & a mattress enhancer ! – ALL REDUCED

Naturally, we also have great reductions on our duvets & pillows, especially the “Spundown” duvet that is our best seller as you can wash it at home in your own machine at 60deg. (the temperature that kills dust-mites).sale-now-on-3.gif

More prizes & more winners !

It’s nice to be able to bring you some good news on a Monday morning… Last week we had Rosarie Long collecting her beautiful prize of a “Dorma” duvet set and on Friday Jane McCarthy was drawn as the winner of a fabulous “Spundown” duvet plus two pillows ! This week we have THREE prizes to give away, courtesy of our friends at “Sheridan”.

Sheridan logoThis Australian company have been known for many years as one of the market leaders in bedding. Their attention to detail and the quality they use is second to none and after you’ve slept in a “Sheridan” duvet cover, or used their sheets, it’s hard to go back to anything else ! Jump over to our facebook page and simply ‘Like’ & ‘Share’ to enter – it’s that easy !

Damask Vanilla HR


“Damask” (pictured above) has been one of their most enduring classical designs and is on offer right now at about 33% off the usual retail price. We also have great value in ‘Sheridan’s’ 400 thread count sheets so why not spoil yourself next time you’re in town !

Don’t delay – ‘Share’ today!

7010e32f-b090-4fc7-be1e-da34c206b6c4Just in case you miss it over on our Facebook page, news of a fabulous giveaway from our premier brand “Dorma” ! To help celebrate our 25th. year of business on Oliver Plunkett St., they have given us a Double or King duvet cover PLUS 2 oxford pillowcases to give to one lucky customer. All you have to do is skip over to our Facebook page, ‘Like’ AND ‘Share’ the competition and you can be in with a chance to win this fabulous prize worth up to €215.00 !!! Which is your favourite ?





All the Pretty Flowers!

MARY ROSE from the Julie Dodsworth range.
MARY ROSE from the Julie Dodsworth range.

With daffodils popping up all over the place and bunches of colour appearing here and there, we can be sure Spring has arrived. You don’t even need a garden to experience Spring, however, as some of our newest designs (and those yet to arrive) are the finest of floral prints. First up are two new Julie Dodsworth designs. Does the name sound familiar? Well, if you have ever bought a PVC shopping bag in our store, you have probably seen a Julie Dodsworth design; eye-catching, colourful and often inspired by her houseboat lifestyle. If your heart skips a beat at all things vintage or at the thought of crafts, then you’ll love Julie Dodsworth. Go check out her website for crafty ideas and pop by our store to see her latest bedlinen range.

There are lots more florals to come over the next few weeks: Go to our Coming Soon page for a sneak peek.

Staying with bedlinen, we have four new kiddies designs. Choose from safari themes or formula one cars for the boys, while the girls have a choice of either a fun town theme or bright butterflies. For students or 20-somethings, Rise and Shine is a retro bed-set which sees yellow and duck-egg come together to create a cool combination of colour.

One of the colours in our Subway towel range.
One of the colours in our Subway towel range.

Moving away from bedlinen, one of our best bargains this month can be found in the towel section. Our ‘Subway’ towels are a nice price and come in four assorted colours to suit most anyone’s bathroom. Hand towels were €9.50, now only €5.50 and bath towels were €19.50, now €11. Bath sheets and bath mats also available.

It’s a great time of year, with so many new designs coming in and the sun shining in our windows-let’s hope it stays that way!

See you soon

February Update

The stock clearance continues here at Household Linens: drop by if you fancy a change of duvet cover or a nice bedspread at a super price. We also have a fantastic selection of high quality single display duvet covers at only €12 per cover (plus €3 each for  pillowcases). Included are some beautiful white duvet covers with lace edging as well as embroidered and modern designs. They’re being cleared out quickly so get them before they’re gone!

HELIGAN from the Appletree brand
HELIGAN from the Appletree brand

SPOTLIGHT on Heligan from the Appletree range of bedlinen. This cover captures Spring with its lime green floral design. Liked Emma Stone’s fab Oscar dress? Heligan boasts similar colours, Oscar worthy indeed!-and currently gracing our display bed near the front of the shop. Come check it out!

We’ll post soon with March news, and we’ll keep ye posted on new stock as it arrives.

Dorma luxury at lower prices

WOODVILLE from Dorma
WOODVILLE from Dorma

We’ve been selling buckets of our 200 thread count cotton Dorma sheets (and no wonder with double sheets for €15 and king size for €18). There are still quite a few left in a variety of colours, so do drop by before stocks are totally depleted! Even better; we’ve just got in two different types of Dorma duvet sets at fantastic prices. One of these, Mirabelle, may look familiar to our regular customers, as we did stock it previously. The beautiful duck egg colouring with pretty florals makes it a perfect Spring purchase. Our second design, Woodville, is a classic toile design in duck egg green, which will no doubt see you through many a season. With a 300 thread count cotton sateen material, this is definitely worth a purchase. Prices start at €24 for a single duvet cover. Matching cushions and bedspreads are also available. So treat yourself to the best, at reasonable prices!