Happy 2015!

HAILEY from the Appletree brand
HAILEY from the Appletree brand

All of us here at Household Linens would like to wish ye all a Happy New Year 2015-let’s hope it’s a good one. We know that January isn’t everyone’s favourite month, but we’re doing our best to look forward; we have some very pretty Spring designs on display from the Appletree range. Hailey and Tulips boast bright colours that would cheer you up on even the dullest of winter days. For those of ye clinging to the remaining days of Christmas however, don’t worry; we don’t believe in taking the tree down before the 6th either, so you can always come and check out our Christmas window before it’s gone for another year!

Check back with us soon for more on the January sale and upcoming Spring stock.


Author: Household Linens

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